SOS Vortex strongly believes in the protection and confidentiality of your personal information. We realize that on-line sales arouse certain concerns. The protection we apply assures that the information you have given us will be secure. We utilize SSL (secure socket layer) to encode your personal information which is transmitted from your computer to the financial institutions. Furthermore, all personal information we receive (including messages sent by e-mail) are not encoded unless we have previously advised you. Information received is never passed on or sold to a third party.

For all questions concerning protection and confidentiality please contact us at

Statistical information

This Internet site calls upon Google Analytics and the follow-up of conversions with the Google Adwords program. Google Analytics uses temporary text files (the ‘COOKIES’) that are registered on your computer. These files allow tracking your route on our Web Site. Google uses this information to compile reports relating to activities of the Internet site. In certain cases, Google could even communicate information, in a confidential way, to a third party. In no way, will Google establish a link between your address IP and the information compiled.

You can configure your internet navigator to prevent the installations of cookies: in this case, it is possible that you will not have access to all the functions of our Web Site.

Use of cookies

Use of cookies Like most websites, we use cookies to facilitate navigation. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers transferred by your browser to your computer’s hard drive. They automatically transmit information such as your partial IP address (a number that identifies your general location on the Internet, such as the city) and the pages you visit on our site.

These cookies will only be stored temporarily on your computer. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, such as storing information about how visitors use the site, customizing content, improving the website, etc. You can prevent the receipt of cookies and disable those already transferred by following the instructions usually found in the “Help” menu of your toolbar. However, this may prevent you from using certain online services.

Google Analytics and Advertising Cookies

Several Google Analytics features are enabled on this site via specific cookies. In particular, the data collected via Google Analytics allows us to associate your data and statistics of visits to this site with other data in our possession concerning users, but this process is always made anonymously, so that it is impossible for us to know the real identity of an Internet user who has passed through our website.

Furthermore, we do not provide Google Analytics with any data that would allow Google or third parties to personally identify an individual. Data such as name, email address, or any data that permanently identifies a specific device (e.g., cell phone serial number), if available to us, is never included, even in encrypted form.

These features allow Google Analytics to collect and aggregate data about our traffic via Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, in addition to the data obtained with the standard Google Analytics implementation. You can disable these Google Analytics features as well as the associated specialized advertising cookies by using the following link:

or by using the application designed by Google for this purpose:

Facebook, Social Media and Advertisers

SOS Vortex’s remarketing activities through various social media and advertising networks may use certain user-specific information. This use is intended to contextually present them with advertising content that matches general parameters about them (such as gender, age group, general interests), also known as a personalized audience.

This targeted advertising content is restricted to the advertising areas set aside by these media for this purpose (e.g., the right or left side ad columns). The information used for these activities is transmitted in encrypted form to Facebook and other advertising companies and is never known or retained by them. You can learn more about the specific process of Facebook’s Custom Audience by reading the terms of service for that service:

How do we collect personal information?

Personal information is collected on a voluntary basis only. You provide it through on-screen forms, so you are always aware that we are collecting your information. You fill out these forms when you want to participate in newsletter services, contests, forums, online ticketing, blogs or surveys, or when you want to send us emails. Participation in these activities is always voluntary and the user always has the choice of whether or not to disclose this information.

Why do we collect personal information?

One of the reasons SOS Vortex collects personal information is to:

  • Improve and ensure the relevance of its website
  • Provide you with services and products that are tailored to your needs and of better quality
  • Inform you when you have won a prize
  • Send you information by email when you have expressed a desire to receive it
  • To send you your ticket when you purchase from the online ticketing service.

How do we use and store your personal information?

Only SOS Vortex has access to the information you have provided and none of this information will be shared with unauthorized third parties. Only certain staff members have access to your personal information.

You may contact us at any time to have your personal information updated or to request deletion by contacting us.

You may at any time unsubscribe from our services that use some of your personal information, such as the newsletter. Following your unsubscription, your information will be deleted from our databases.