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  • Wear comfortable shoes…it's important!

  • Dress appropriately… but not too warmly!

  • Allow 45-60 minutes for the full adventure

  • Get ready to dive into the past!

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and access

We are located in the parking lot of the CF Carrefour Laval shopping center, at the corner of Highway 440 and Avenue des Laurentides, Laval, Quebec, H7T 1C7.

  • By car

    You have at your disposal a large free, safe and easily accessible parking lot near the main entrances of CF Carrefour Laval. Disabled parking spaces are also available.

  • By public transport

    From the Montmorency metro station, take circuit 39 towards Terminus Le Carrefour, and get off at the Terminus Le Carrefour stop.

Frequent questions

  • Should we book in advance?

    It is not necessary to book in advance unless you are a group of 20 people or more.

  • Is there a long waiting-line?

    The attraction can hold over 150 people an hour, so waiting time to get in can be pretty short. In high season it can get crowded, so you better come before 1 PM or after 4 PM

  • Is it a good place for groups?

    Of course! Group of 20 or more get a discount rate and a reserved arrival time. For more information on group reservation.

  • Is it better to buy tickets in advance?

    No need. Just present yourself at our ticket office onsite! Since we can accommodate over 150 people per hour, there is usually not much of a wait. Have a great adventure!

  • What are the payment options?

    Debit cards and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover).

  • Who is this activity for?

    SOS Vortex is designed to appeal to all ages. With family, friends or groups, there is something for everyone. Fun, guaranteed!

  • Is it open when it rains?

    Yes, we are always open, because after the rain comes the sun!
    Ponchos are available at our store and, of course, we recommend that you adapt your outfit according to the weather (e.g. rain boots, coats, umbrellas and hats). Remember, we aren’t made of chocolate!

  • Can I come back several times?

    Definitely, the course changes every week, so you can get lost over and over again!

  • Is the place accessible to strollers and visitors with limited mobility?

    The attraction is located on the first floor so you will have access to almost the entire attraction, only the Vortex and some activities will not be accessible, but don’t worry there are alternative routes, so you can participate with your group. It is possible to leave your stroller in the locker when you arrive, you must bring a lock to secure it. We strongly recommend that you come before noon or in the evening when it is less crowded; your experience will be more enjoyable!

    Note: Two cards are accepted:

    • The TLCS card (tourist and leisure companion sticker) is accepted to grant free entry to the companion of a person at least 12 years old with a physical disability or mental health problem and requiring the assistance of an attendant in his outings.
    • The Access 2 Card program helps to ensure that entertainment, cultural and recreational opportunities are more available and accessible to all.
  • What kind of food will I find?

    A variety of beverages to quench the largest thirsts and a variety of sweet, salty and frozen snacks, enough to satisfy the cravings of young and old! And you will be able to enjoy theses threats on our beautiful outdoor terrace!

  • How long does a SOS Vortex adventure last?

    On average, you should allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the complete experience. It could be shorter or longer depending on the person or the group.

  • What happens if I get lost?

    It is impossible not to get lost! The question is: will I find my way again? Have no fear. A crew member is always ready to help an adventurer in trouble.

  • Is it educational?

    Certainly! At SOS Vortex we learn by playing. You can discover a lot of information on the theme of ecology between laughter and action. The objective of the game is to solve the 4 quiz stations along the way using your knowledge of ecology. The whole adventure leads to a series of very interesting discoveries that will make you a seasoned ecologist.

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  • What if I have to get out quickly?

    It’s easy. In case of emergency, just follow the well-indicated signs leading toward the emergency exits. You can also ask our staff for help.

  • What is the ideal age for children?

    That’s a difficult question to answer. Some children as young as 4 to 5 years old are very comfortable in the labyrinth despite the crowd and noise, while other children, aged 8 or 9 are not at ease. The presence of parents makes all the difference. All children 13 years-old or less must be accompanied by an adult in the labyrinth.

  • Is it scary?

    Not at all! SOS is like a funhouse, the experience is all about fun and excitement. It is not about fear, although you may feel some in the heat of the moment. The important thing is to have fun!

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